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I love the Commodore 128. I miss having my original.


Incredible 16khz sound on Commodore 64

You'll never believe the sound that can come out of a 30 year old computer!

I've been a follower of the demoscene for quite sometime now.  I've always been a fan of hearing digitized songs on my Commodore.  The first song I've ever heard was Rock Me Amadeus from Falco.  That simply blew me away.  

Well, as times change and folks get better tools to program, you start to see some really cool "to the limits" programming.  I've recently watched a new demo release from the group Censor Design.

The video takes some time to get to the cool 16khz part, so I suggest scrolling to the 11:30 mark on Youtube.com and prepare to be blown away. The song is a sample from a cool Kraftwerk tune from "back in the day."  What do you guys think?

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BroBryce 8/8/2013

Love it. I remember the first Boing Boom Chak demo way way back. Even though Kraftwerk was famously lo-fi, it's cool to hear it properly represented in the remix they have there.