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C64List, now with even more good stuff!

A new version of C64List has been released that has more of that tasty C64 filling!

C64List is back in the spotlight!  Version 2.20 of C64List has just been released.  It has a number of features that have been added by popular demand!  Here's a short list of the highlighted features.  If you want more information, go to the Downloads page and check out the latest rev of the C64List User's Guide.  Now, you can:

* Define custom tokens for development with those BASIC extension packages

* Develop programs using upper and lower case characters (i.e. the alternate character set)

* Add as many comments to your text files as you want, without using REM statements

* Selectively remove some REM statements while preserving others


So, go ahead and download the new version of C64List and enjoy the new features!

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Goog 7/19/2011

I used the new tokenizer feature while updating my next release of ChatteRR-Box and it works great! It's great to use custom keywords in a text file and have them generate the tokens properly.

jwhoag 7/19/2011

That is very cool. Talking about an early adopter! :)

Pinacolada 7/20/2011

*tips his hat* All I can say is: Wow. This is a fantastic tool.

Thanks so much for all your hard work, Jeff! I'm donating as soon as I can!

AgentFriday 7/20/2011


For those not familiar with where to download tools published on this site... Go to the download page by clicking "Downloads" in the main menu bar at the top of every page.