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NAV version .9.6

My file browser for the C64 gets a big update!

There are so many changes in this version of NAV that I thought I should create a new blog entry for it. Find it in the Public Disk area here on CommodoreServer, or download it directly HERE.


Some of the changes include:

More drive icons. The font has been improved, directory listings look better.

NAV now displays the number of files on the disk.

Lots of bug fixes.

LOAD and RUN the CHANGES program to read the complete changelog. As before, type "@help" in NAV to get a full list of features.




You can now choose from 12 different backgrounds. I copied most of these tiles from ones used in GEOS (thanks ShadowM).

Unfortunately, NAV still does not work with the Final Cartridge III. Sorry. It seems as though there is a way to temporarily disable the FCIII to allow it to work with NAV... but I can't figure it out... yet. Feel free to drop me a line if you think you can help.

Please let me know about bugs, suggestions, etc. Be nice.


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buexe 11/29/2013

That´s by far the best Browser i know so far !

I´considering burning it on eprom but it´s some bytes too big for 16Kb.
Is there any chance of getting a shortened light version of it ? Maybe leaving out some gfx stuff ?

Great Work !

back2skooldaze 2/16/2014

Hi please can you help? I have downloaded NAV96 and transferred it to a 51/4" floppy disc i then type load"*",8 and wait to load then after ready i type run.Then the program loads with the coloured screen stating loading directory but then at the bottom of the screen it states
?illegal quantity error in 210
ready.Type '@help' for commands

but when i do type @help it states ?syntax error

I would really like to try NAV96 out as a file browser oppose to cbm file browser that i use on my SD2IEC card ready and since i came across NAV96 it looks much better with the icons and coloured desktop.

I have also tried this on the root of an sd card and used in my SD2IEC and the same happens like i have stated above???

Can you give me simple instructions on how to get NAV96 working ????

Thanks :)

back2skooldaze 2/16/2014

Hi Again just a quick update!!! I have disconnected the SD2IEC drive so i only have the 1541-II drive connected and i have loaded the disc again NOW this time NAV96 loads and works!!!

I was hoping to use NAV96 with my SD2IEC oppose to using cbm file browser.

Is there any reason as to why NAV96 won't work with the SD2IEC sd card reader??? I thought it did from reading others posts.

Thanks :)

WiZkiD 4/26/2014

Hi, I've noticed a bug that doesn't occur with other filebrowser. I loaded the game It's Magic and the blue bonus have a bugged animation, those bonuses are composed of 4 hires animated char. Could you investigate? I've loaded many version of the game and the bug appears every time.