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My C64 Handheld Console

It's great being able to tote along all of my favorite C64 games with me where ever I go.

I was tidying up a few things around the computer room and uncovered my GP2X Linux gaming console. I haven't used it for a while, but now that I've "rescued" it, time to play some C64 games!

Because it's Linux based, and open source, there was quite a bit of community development done for the GP2X. Most importantly, at least for me, was getting VICE running on it. This was one of main reasons I bought the GP2X - Commodore 64 emulation! I really enjoy being able to play all of my favorite C64 games in the palm of my hand.

Although the GP2X also has other emulators ported for it, like MAME, Sega Genesis, and NES, not to mention all of the native games created for it - I still mainly use it to run VICE and my C64 games.

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TIhde 7/22/2012

I remember the GP2X... And Bruce Lee!

judland 7/23/2012

It's a pretty good console, if you ask me. Being Linux based, it runs all sorts of emulators, plays movies, music, ebooks and all sorts of other utilities. And a couple of NiMH AA batteries power it for an average of 4 to 5 hours per charge. And if you think the screen is too small to play games or watch movies, you can even plug it into a T.V.

What it's missing is WiFi but back in 2007 (when it was developed), WiFi wasn't as widely used or available as it is today.