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This blog provides details on the design and development of Commodore 64 retrocomputing projects which I'm currently involved with! :)


The Netrunner Game Client

Animated node maps, 2400 baud support for Comet64 modem or RS232 serial interface

The opening title screen with scrolling credits and theme music (SID)


The main menu screen displayed after a successful player login


The WorldNet User Interface in move mode displaying the node map



for their assistance when it was needed.  This is several screenshots of

the client connected to the server and in the WorldNet game play user

interface (move move selected).  It is an animated GIF, which depicts the

animated character location cursor character and the port node (exit).


The client downloads node map data from the server and then displays the node

map, which scrolls during movement turns (I, J, K, M keys) in the game.

The output window displays information about the node the character is

currently located in, i.e. hub, port, or trunk node.


The client is a long way from being finished and ready for game play, but

it has definately evolved into a cool program that is the backbone of the RPG

framework for playing the game while connected to the game server.


The game client uses the V-1541 v2.3 (2400 baud) ML driver for handling

RS232 serial communications with the game server.  It will work with

both the standard RS232C 2400 baud interface, or the Comet64 modem.


The client was developed using WinVICE 2.3 and Jim Brain's tcpser

serial-to-ethernet bridge.


Jeff Hoag wrote the DRAW9000 ML routines that display and scroll

the node map during movement in the game.  Again, very special thanks

go to Jeff for his effort.  Thank you!  The client would not be what it is

today without your coding skill and contribution to the project.

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S0RC3R0R 9/5/2013

Just wanted to let you know that I am still working on the client for the Netrunner 64 RPG. I took some time off the project for R&R!

I have decided to go with what I have developed so far with JEFF HOAG's help, as well as GOOG's, FRIDAY's, and OVERLORD's.

I just re-engineered the entire RPG system rules set and attributes that the game uses. I have decided to implement a d6 game system mechanic, instead of using d% (percentile dice for 1% to 100% results). The combat system for resolving encounters with AI security programs has been totally redesigned and playtested by my girlfriend Terri and I, and I have designed 10 attack and 10 defense programs that the NETRUNNER runs on his CPU during combat encounters to attack and defend with.

The game system has evolved into a rules set manual and record sheets that we used to playtest the game using lots of six-sided dice!

Netrunner is no longer like a traditional RPG, such as D&D. There are no experience levels, experience po

S0RC3R0R 5/24/2015

This project is not DEAD yet! It is just on hold while I work out some life issues that require most of my time these days. I do plan to revisit what I have created thus far, and write the rest of the code to create a Netrunner 64 (lite) version. I need to walk before I try to RUN.

The game is very complex and demanding at the present time the way that I designed it to run as a game client program that connects as a frontend to the game server that I developed with Java and MySQL as the backend.

- Dave (s0R)