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  • by Baracuda of Smash DS

Since 1987 i`m a german scener and i collect a lot of stuff. Today, more than 5.000 disks from different sources like from Tgr/Snap, Shri Sadhu, MAV, Dan Dee, H-Bl0xx, Sonic, AEG, Track18, Code18, Someone, Creb, Crossbow, Nasty Boy and other sceners or non sceners are mine. I build THE STOCK and so we collect more than 20.000 disks which are mostly not transfered to D64 or another virtual format. I stopped swapping but i still collect, sell and produce stuff for the commodore64. My newest idea is to save stuff from dying sources and bring these stuff back with two mirrors. So that it will be spread around for all other interested in.



try my tool now...

here we go with a special tool done for me while i always check disks which arrive at my home.

what does these mean: if i received a disk then i asked myself in which condition and how old could these

disks be ? often you saw what the deliverer has done to the disks and the disks looks like damaged..

but sometimes you couldn't see in which condition your disks arrived. so i did at first a copy of all disks arriving and then i used a tool to test the read errors on these disks. a friend of mine did a good job to improve the tool i use for my work as you know swapping is an art ! today i share these one with you.

it is tiny and easy to use. download here and have fun.






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