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Jeff's adventures in Commodore computing in the modern day. (Warning! I'm a hardware hacker! Just because something works fine for me doesn't mean that it's wired correctly or won't fry something of yours if you replicate my success. I only experiment with a unit that is committed to this and have another untouched unit as a backup.)


Oldbitcollector returns as Eightbitswide. It's blog time!

Posted on 2/19/2017

I've been lurking several online communities under the name "Eightbitswide" for the last few months.    Some drastic decisions in how I spend my time both employmentwise and freetimewise (that's word right?)  Have permitted me to spend more time with my Commodore hobby, as well as start clearing out other retro machines that just don't keep my interest.   It's a shame to see machines which deserve attention die slowly from dried caps, etc.

I'd considered updating my own blogspace with a new blog, but thought better of it choosing to post here and contribute to the efforts at Commodoreserver.   I'll probably do a rewrite of my original Telcommunicating guide since it's been nearly a decade since I wrote that and much has changed since then.   We'll see how the summer goes employmentwise.

In the meantime, expect some of my personal projects to dribble over to this blog, including some hardware hacking of the C64.


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ericpine 2/24/2017

Fantastic, good to see you here! See my blog about my recent struggles getting the C64 back online!