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Papadwight- OLD school Where a mans word is everthing. Commodore 64c with 64c backup and 128 backup, Comet 64-xm1541 cable 2-1541 drives-1-1541-2 and a 1571 and xp with c64 forever too, Working on commodore laptop. have old 1670 modem too, but don.t uses. Ase-Mechinic, Retired


My Xt laptop see's more time as a 64.

laptop, 64 simulator

  I take my xt laptop to Mcdonalds on many sundays so Kathryn can play with other kids.  There are many days there are no kids around my houseing.     I sit back and play my laptop for a few hours while Kathrun plays.  Some people there think I'm on there yiwi like all the others with laptops there.  But I don't use free service where my computer can be hacked for info.  It is running as a 64 playing games or I,m watching demo's by 64 user's.  A disk stored on a laptop use very little room on it.  So I have about 300 disk stored on there with 3 to 8 program's each.  Which gives me a lot to do.  At home it has maiaou onit and can go online and talk to other commodore computers.  That's a great program love to use it sometime's.  Allso take on any trips I go on it's alot smaller than packing up one of my commodores.

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S0RC3R0R 9/5/2013

Me too dude! I have a VISTA laptop which I use to run CGterm, WinVICE, tcpser, and IE (for surfing sites like this!) more than the native Windows software. LOL

For web design tasks (for my www:netrunner64.com site) I use notepad or PSPad, Filezilla (FTP), and JASC Paint Shop Pro 7. I am set in my ways. LOL

For programming/compiling Java code for my game server project, I use jGRASP, which works great with the old JDK vesrion I use.

If it were not for my hobbies of running a Color 64 BBS under WinVICE using tcpser on my XP box, or the Java game server for NETRUNNER 64 on it with MySQL DB, I don't think I would miss the PC/laptop at all!

Thankfully, I have a use for 'em both with my RETROCOMPUTING hobby and development projects that I dabble with...