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Horse Racing and Betting on CommodoreServer

Go to the races! Bet on a horse! Earn CS Tokens! Enjoy this new little betting game on CommodoreServer.

Do you remember this book?

I must have typed in every program from that book.  Oh, the frustration when sprite data did not look right or the game would crash because of syntax errors. Ahh, the memories.

Hidden among the pages of that book is one little gem called Horse Racing.  I actually typed this one in, too. Sure, it has room for improvement, but I was able to play it for whatever duration possible.  Well, jump ahead a few decades to when I recently had conversations with WizardNJ about converting it to a CommodoreServer game, where you can bet your hard-earned CS tokens for a chance to win big!

The game is basically the same, but with extra code to handle logging in to CommodoreServer, making a game and betting CS tokens instead of fake money in the game.  If you don't know what CS tokens are, they are a virtual currency on CommodoreServer.  You can collect them, bet them, give them away, and maybe even possibly enter them into raffles in the future.  If you don't have any tokens, you can't play some of the games that require them.  Everybody starts out with some and there are activities you can do to earn more.

I think this game could be greatly improved but I wanted to keep it in the same original style as the old book. 

You can find this new game on CommodoreServer's application disk in the public directory.  You can load it directly with V-1541 (LOAD"HORSE RACING",2) or launch it from another app such as CS MENU or COMET CHAT.  But know that it is an Internet game and requires a serial-to-Internet device, such as the Comet64, WiModem or any of the other devices out there.

I hope you enjoy the transformation but don't go spending all of your tokens in one place - save some for other CommodoreServer Casino games yet to come!

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