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Archiving UPCHUG disks

Starting to archive University Place Commodore Home User's Group club disks...

It's a process. I have an old  DOS box with StarCommander 0.83, an XE 1541 cable and a 1571 disk drive connected to it. Disks read most of the time! Another matter entirely is sneaker-netting the disk images to my laptop, and copying disk images from 3.5" disks, which don't always read properly despite being freshly formatted in the DOS machine's 3.5" drive. Ugh. If I had a network card for the DOS box (somewhere I do have a network card, not sure if this machine is ISA or PCI), that would make things much easier...

Anyway, I've put what I can copy from my archiving session into Public Disks > Clubs > pscug.org. Have fun!

4/22/2015 update: I've uploaded more images and neatened up filenames, and added thumbnails if possible. Some disk images are corrupt, I've tried to mark such with "bad" in the filename.

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