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Papadwight- OLD school Where a mans word is everthing. Commodore 64c with 64c backup and 128 backup, Comet 64-xm1541 cable 2-1541 drives-1-1541-2 and a 1571 and xp with c64 forever too, Working on commodore laptop. have old 1670 modem too, but don.t uses. Ase-Mechinic, Retired


Well I did it I didn't chance the power supply

Till it burned up my comet

As my power supply started acting up with cartridge's ,  The thing would stop everthing from working when been on a while.  But with my comet that wasn't happening so I was going to change it but never did.  The comet worked fine for however long so I keep using it.  Now I 3 others in my closet.  The other night was on commodore server no one esle was around and started watching tv show it was still on.  Turned around and cometchat said disconnected and its never worked again.  So than I chance my power supply, everbody had told me to change it,  So I well order a new one this week.  Because it has download 100 of programs more than I have on server, and I got 100s on server now,  but I have boxs and boxs of  full of disk and games and programs.

Well keep waiting on my new modem. Can't  wait to download control program for my commodore music keyboard.

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