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SX64PARTY - Organise one to celebrate!

SX64PARTY - Organise one to celebrate!

The Commodore SX-64 was announced in January 1983 and released a year later and sadly enough discontinued in 1986. So January would be a perfect opportunity to celebrate however we can schedule parties al year long… or even untill 2016, which is a little far fetched. So when January is not the best of the year, wintertime, feel free to schedule another time ;-) .

Let’s keep up with the Commodore especially on the anniversary of the executive, luggable edition of the best computer ever. So therefor i would like to propose a semi-virtual meeting, to keep our eco-footprint as low a possible, by meeting up with some friends and their SX64 in a local cafe.

Are you up for this? See my blog for more information: [url=http://c64.berrydejager.com/sx64party/]Januari 2013 – Commodore SX-64 party[/url]

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