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PSMUD? What does that mean? PSMUD stands for Puget Sound Multi User Dungeon!


PSMUD Inroduction

In this post I will cover what PSMUD is, how it came to be and the fine people behind it.

Hello, and welcome to the official blog for PSMUD!

PSMUD stands for Puget Sound Multi User Dungeon. Agent Friday came up with the name.

The team of people currently working on PSMUD (and what they do) are:

  • Weegee (Kyle) - In charge of blogging. Possibly programming in future
  • yoshi - Art. Possibly a bit of blogging
  • AgentFriday - Programming.
  • Pinacolada - Jack of all trades, but master of none. (His idea, not mine)
  • Jeff - Game server
  • Goog - CommodeServer architect

Our goals (or milestones) for developing PSMUD:

  •  Client enters a game server-controlled room
  •  Single-line chat messages to all players
  •  Hard-coded map/size
  •  Objects: Pick up / drop
  •  Movement: move requests are sent to the game server and are authorized with OK or NOT OK
  •  Map information dictates the map style: top-down / side view / action / backdrop
  •  Items can go into and out of inventory
  •  Keyboard controlled - allow user to pick movement keys to use
  •  BASIC for client program

So, how'd you guys get inspired to start PSMUD?

It all started at a PSCUG meeting, when Agent Friday proposed making a new multi-player game for CommodoreServer. Immediately, everyone was on board, and we began brain storming. PSMUD, in only 2 meetings went through so many ideas and changes that we could've made at least 3 seperate games! One idea was to make it minecraft-esque, another was players create puzzles and scour them across the land for people to solve. Finally, we decieded to start simple and incorporate common ideas from various games and some of our own.

Stay tuned for the latest information on our quest. :)

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