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These are the ramblings of a happy Commodore computer user since 1983. I cover topics on both the C64 and C128, reviewing my favorite games and applications, as well as share some of my favorite memories from the 8-bit era. If you'd like to read more, you can visit my blog at: https://www.my64.in.nf -or- https://www.my128.in.nf


New C64 Forum Launched!

Last month, everythingc64.boards.net was unfortunately closed, and the Admin moved on to Discord. For the folks that can't or don't wish to join Discord, a few of us EverthingC64 "refugees" decided create a new forum to fill the gap.

This new forum has been created to continue on in the same spirit that Everythingc64 was. We think it's important that a C64 forum is not reliant on the latest technology and/or big tech sites and is welcoming to everyone who wants to be part of the retro Commodore computing community.
Even though the EverythingC64 Admin did not reject the idea of using the name for our own forum, we decided to go with a shorter name to remember: http://c64forum.com
We would like to invite all of our fellow EverythingC64 "refugees" to join us over on the new domain, as well anyone else you might think would like to join a friendly community of Commodore computer collectors and enthusiasts.  So please stop on by!

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