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ScreenCast Rocks

AgentFriday's awsome screencast demo at pdxcug this week.

How Awsome was the Demo given by AgentFriday at this week's pdxcug meeting. Here I am sitting in Australlia and I was able to directly watch him give a great demo of his MOD Basic and Screencast tool, right there on his own c64c.

Even at 2400 baud the demo was fast and he even played Labrynth (3D game) on it, which I watched in real time thousands of miles away.

We are not talking about a modern machine doing screen sharing here! this was a real c64c sharing its screen, via CommodoreServer.com in real time.

Man, wot we could have done with capability like that 30 years ago! Ofcourse it would have been over modem's back then. I had a 2400 baud modem, so it would have been amazing. Although there would not have been a CommodoreServer around back then. The net was all Gopher hyperlinks and the only 1 browser in the world called Mosaic!.

If you have a chance to check it out, do so. Its amazing.

I hope we can instigate some training sessions in real time using this tool in the future.

Eventually AF will have it working 2 way. 8-)

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C64List 4/17/2014

that is very cool :)

Goog 4/23/2014

Yes, training sessions would be great. There are lots of good ideas floating around here for how we could use this. It's only going to get better :)

Actually, AF already had it working 2 way - remote desktop in one mode and view-only (screencast) in the other mode. It is so weird when doing remote desktop - you really believe you are using your own computer.