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DotBASIC Plus is a free download on CommodoreServer.


You can now find DotBASIC Plus 2.2 (five D64s) in the Programming/BASIC sub-folder in the Public Disk Area.

The old DotBASIC web site is now archived by the fine folks at CBM8bit.com. The DotBASIC disks can also be found here.

The DotBASIC Plus Manual is also available in PDF form.

I love programming with DotBASIC. It adds over 100 new commands that do all sorts of interesting things. Things like mouse support, scrolling menus, windows, and text boxes are especially a snap.

Stay tuned for more some DotBASIC tutorials, and more of my DotBASIC programs.

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tonyrocks 1/16/2013

Oh nice! I'm gonna try this out for sure.