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Weekend Desk Project

Sometimes in the course of geeky events, it becomes necessary to create more storage space for said geeky things. This is how we roll.

Over a day and a half's work, a friend of mine and I constructed quite a sturdy desk for his geek cave. Using a few basic tools, we managed no ill effect to either ourselves or the space-time continuum. Pretty good, if you ask me!

There aren't any "in the making" photos, as we were heavily involved in the design and decision making process on the fly. However, here's a few photos of the finished product! It's made of 17/16" plywood which we regrattably did not test the theory that we could stand on it. Which we probably could, but the house is a story-and-a-half which you can probably tell from said pictures.

One thing we're racking our brains about is the name of the joint used to join the shelf and uprights together. It's one where each piece has a notch removed from half the width of the piece and together they make a fairly strong joint, even without glue. (Which we didn't use since the notches fit together exceedingly tightly! We had to mallet the two pieces together, actually.)

4/6 update: Sorry, didn't realize these were only the thumbnails. Links adjusted, click to embiggen. Added a view to the left looking at the furring strip details. The full size photos are also available via CommodoreServer's photo gallery under the tag "desk."

Update 2: Thanks, AgentFriday - it's http://www.craftsmanspace.com/sites/default/files/free-knowledge-articles/edge_half_lap_joint.gif :)

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Goog 4/23/2014

Good work, guys. Looks great!

Goog 4/23/2014

Next time take a pic AFTER you put a Commodore 64 on the thing. :-)

Pinacolada 4/27/2014

Yessir! ;)