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  • by Baracuda of Smash DS

Since 1987 i`m a german scener and i collect a lot of stuff. Today, more than 5.000 disks from different sources like from Tgr/Snap, Shri Sadhu, MAV, Dan Dee, H-Bl0xx, Sonic, AEG, Track18, Code18, Someone, Creb, Crossbow, Nasty Boy and other sceners or non sceners are mine. I build THE STOCK and so we collect more than 20.000 disks which are mostly not transfered to D64 or another virtual format. I stopped swapping but i still collect, sell and produce stuff for the commodore64. My newest idea is to save stuff from dying sources and bring these stuff back with two mirrors. So that it will be spread around for all other interested in.


Merry CHRISTMAS to you !

Snowflakes are falling, time to enjoy in some countries a disk with a x-mas demo..

Silent Night https://www.commodoreserver.com/PublicDiskDetails.asp?DID=B5E77C7E540D442E81B22B82D9D490C3 Little Drumerboy https://www.commodoreserver.com/PublicDiskDetails.asp?DID=62077A44F57F48A29921DC0B665C5EBC Nothing special but wellknown christmas songs.

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judland 12/21/2011

And a very Merry Christmas to you, too!