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Producing SwiftLink clones?

For my BBS friends...

Slygon, a sysop friend of mine from my Facebook Image BBS group, came on CommodoreServer tonight to ask about the possibility of getting a high-speed RS232 interface so he could use his BBS on real hardware. (VICE can be awfully picky about emulated RS232 stuff, locking up randomly, and it lacks carrier detect logic to host an emulated BBS.) So that got me thinking, what would it take to make some SwiftLink clones? Our user group has two guys from "Dr. Evil Labs" that made these, maybe they've got schematics... It would teach me a lot about electronics to build some, and be helpful to my BBS buddies too! I'll ping kentsu about it.

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kentsu 5/21/2014

Hey Piña, nice chatting with you on CS last night. There are schematics in the Dr. Evil blog of all three versions. Search for this to find the first one:

"Schematic v1.0 / circuit board v1.0 features"

I think the CMD Turbo232 was even better -- had a 2x top baud rate and I think they squashed some of the weird edge case behaviors (weird modems and cables).

Pinacolada 5/24/2014

Thanks kentsu! Frank Rondon (another sysop buddy) posted this on Facebook just today: http://gglabs.us/node/30

pcollins 6/21/2014

How to order a SwiftLink clone?

Pinacolada 6/21/2014

pcollins: there is a new SwiftLink compatible board being produced by gglabs, at the link just above. Larry Hedman just posted in my Facebook "Image BBS" group that he has one and it's still being beta-tested. Aside from that, not sure of any details yet.

Pinacolada 6/21/2014

Correction, the site may be down temporarily.