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Yamo's blog - remember Yamo from Bruce Lee? That's me. I love all Commodore things and hope to talk about them here in my new blog space.


Compute!'s Gazette Disks

Compute!'s Gazette disks are available in the public disks section

I just uploaded all of my Compute!'s Gazette Disks - I found them on the Internet somewhere, but can't remember where, so thought it would be nice to have here.

I published them in the Magazines folder on CommodoreServer. Here is a quick link to the folder:

Compute!'s Gazette Disks



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daytona400f 9/19/2011

awesome.. Much appreciated!

Goog 11/1/2011

While I haven't tried all of them, a great many seem to be loadable directly from the Comet64. Pretty neat having them here. Thanks.

papadwight 11/2/2012

Thanks have found a great many learning programs for Kathryn there. She now has programs that well let me enter her spelling words and all. Some very good little programs and I have looked everywhere. These are small and some of the best.