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C64Forum.com Choose Best of 2022 4K Craptastic Compo

The team at C64forum.com decided to play all the games submitted to the Reset64 2022 4k Craptastic Game Competition and choose our three favorite games.

The Craptastic Compo game submissions can be found here:  https://reset64-magazine.itch.io/2022-craptastic-compo

There was no set formula as to how the games were to be ranked/chosen. We just selected the games that we enjoyed playing the most. Here are our picks, along with some of the of the reasons for our selections:

First Place: Old Mine Hoist by Geir Straume

Simple but enjoyable gameplay; good controls and a creative spin on the "infinite runner" style of game. The graphics are not pretentious and have a 1985 feel.

Second Place: Headhunter by George Kirkham

Smooth gameplay and good control mechanics; straight forward game objectives, easy to pick up and play; nice graphics.

Third Place (Tie): Circles by James -and- Marble Boy by Roman Werner

Circles: Original and fun to play; clever use of rythm; addictive gameplay.

Marble Boy: Good movement; easy to pick up and play; a polished 4k game overall.

For more detailed reviews of our choices, be sure to visit the full posting on our forum, here:  http://c64forum.com/showthread.php?tid=49

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