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A message for Goog and Agent Friday

The C64Mini seems to be a success and the full sized TheC64 is on it's way. Is there potential here for CommodoreServer to take advantage of these consumer products?

There's a call for developers/partners on the RetroGame's website, to collaborate on projects and software for TheC64 and TheC64Mini.  The posting can be found here: https://retrogames.biz/work-with-us/

Okay, I'm just a silly Commoodre enthusiast/dreamer, but has anyone at CommodoreServer thought about working on something that could allow these consoles to work with the CommodoreServer services?  I'm thinking that, if the OS for TheC64(Mini) is just a customized version of Linux VICE, would there be a way of getting it to work with a WiFi USB dongle, along with a special version of the V1541 software, and connect to the CommodoreServer file server, so we could access our disk collections on-line?

Has anyone in the group considered this possibility?  And I'm not saying to simply give the software away.  I'd be willing to pay a few bucks for such software to get my C64Mini connected to my CommodoreServer repository.

Just wondering about the possibilities.


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Pinacolada 3/14/2019

I just saw this, and I've brought it to their attention. :)

judland 3/16/2019

Cool! Much appreciated.