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Breathing life into my 1986 BBS system

Its been way to many years since I had a look at the backup's I made of my BBS system way back in 1986. Here is what I found.

Breathing Life into my 1986 BBS

So here we go. After imaging all my backup disks from 1986 I found I had one which was a working 1571 image that was standalone (ie. no harddrives). All my other disks were backups of the 2 mighty 7MB D9090 IEEE hard drives that were conected to my system. Canberra KBBS (otherwise known as "The Dungeon" was a KBBS based BBS system running on my Commodore 64. I wish i had a photo of it, cos it was impressive. It was a flip top c64 classic, with LED's and switches everywhere. Anyhow the BBS was temporarly crippled in late 1986-early 1987 whilst I sent my 2 hard drives of to have some engineering changes made. I took backups of the drives using the special D9090 backup tool included with KBBS, unfortunatly of the 17 disks in the original backup, disks 12 and 13 were missing 8-(

The original KBBS product, by Kris Hatelid used a dongle in joystick port 1 to run.

So while the Drives were away, ODIN (Co-sysop) and I put up a temporary BBS running on 2 1571 drives on my C128D.

I will upload some screenshots of the BBS running.

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Pinacolada 4/21/2014

Okay, this rocks, I want to see your BBS in operation. Mine is sitting on my CMD hard drive, I need to make some upgrades on it though. Have you tried any of the telnet boards here? http://cbbsoutpost.servebbs.com/

Geomat 5/7/2014

Once I work Out how to pipe serial from VICE through to a normal Telnet session, I will add it as one of the Doors on my main "THE DUNGEON" BBS. Or that is the plan 8-)