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An encounter with an Apple II user

Another day; another perspective

Last night I wrote a long post about a recent encounter I had with a co-worker who had an Apple II Plus during the 80s.  I was a little miffed about the discussion and posted about it, but this morning I decided that the post wasn't very positive or constructive in any way; except at the very end, when I posted a link to the desktop wallpaper image I creaded (which as the catalyst for the discussion with the old-school Apple user).  So I kept the link in.

If you'd like to have a copy of the wallpaper I have on my netbook all for yourself, here's the link:


Download it, set it as your desktop's wallpaper and share the joy of being a Commodore computer user.

Would you believe that I used OpenOffice Draw to create the Commodore logo? It has a great 3D shaping tool. I used GIMP to do the rest.

You know, that brings up a thought I contemplate every once in a while. If Commodore was still around (the original company that is), would they be using Linux as an OS, or perhaps have developed their own OS, or would they be using Microsoft Windows?

I'd like to think that they'd be a Linux shop. They really did know how to innovate, and I just don't see them settling for Microsoft.

Anyway, enjoy the wallpaper!

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daytona400f 11/19/2011

I missed this post! thanks for the wallpaper! w00t.... :D

Apples were expensive, and needed upgrades. From just the numbers, my parents would have never bought me one.

Jack Trammel summed it up well:
"Apple builds computers for the classes, Commodore builds computers for the masses."

judland 11/20/2011

What completely threw me off was that the entire encounter came out of no-where. The guy saw the wallpaper on my computer screen and "reacted". I was flabbergasted.

Yes, I liked Jack's approach to home computing.

Glad you liked the wallpaper! :o)