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Papadwight- OLD school Where a mans word is everthing. Commodore 64c with 64c backup and 128 backup, Comet 64-xm1541 cable 2-1541 drives-1-1541-2 and a 1571 and xp with c64 forever too, Working on commodore laptop. have old 1670 modem too, but don.t uses. Ase-Mechinic, Retired


Would like to see message Base here.

Being commodore server is one the easy way's to get your 64 on the net.

A massage base like a forum you could load over to.  Like going to another room on cometchat.  Read all about peoples projects and loves on a real 64.  Where commodores could go and talk about other computers like most bulliton boards now.  Where you could plan to met on cometchat talk about different items and things gonig on in the commodore world.  This would breath new live into comet64 after the cometplus comes out.  I plan to have both but.  As learned in my review of 100 of other bulliton boards and bbs which there are a lot of,  There were a lot out there you could telnet or program your modem to go but not so many you could just sign your 64 on.  I did learn that a system starts making reak money at about 500 users a day and that was many companys bottom number.

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judland 10/3/2012

I think, at one time, Goog and AF were going to make it possible to read and post to our CommodoreServer blogs from the Comet64. But it hasn't quite happened yet.