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A Growing Collection of NTSC Specific Games

Just finished another update to my collection of NTSC specific games; the ZIP file now contains approx. 237 games to enjoy. These games have been created to run on NTSC C64s and 128s without glitches and at the proper speed/frequency.

NTSC GamesFor anyone interested, I've just recently updated my collection of NTSC-specific games on my website HERE.  The zip file now contains over 230 games, as well as CJM files (for proper button mapping for TheC64Mini) when applicable.

I went through my collection of D64 disk images and grouped together all of the games that ran properly on my NTSC Commodore C64. Although there are many PAL-centric games that have been “fixed” to run on NTSC C64s, many of them either run fast or produce distracting visual artifacts or glitches. And, even though NTSC TheC64Minis can play PAL games, they do so at the faster speed.  These games, which I have included in this archive file, run at the proper speed on NTSC C64s, 128s, and C64Minis (at least from what I can tell).  So, you will experience these games the way the programmer intended.

I have a complete list of the games I've included in this archive on my website.  Many of these games are also playable via the V-1541 virtual drive, but I haven't specifically flagged those games as of yet.  Maybe, if there's an interest in that sort of information, I will put that task higher on my list of priorities.  Let me know.

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