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Turbo Chameleon 64

Yay. New Commodore 64 with big cahonas under it's hood.

Turbo Chameleon 64See the Turbo Chameleon 64 with docking station. This rebuild C64 inside a FPGA is awesome. You have all that you ever wanted and more you even couldn't dream of. Turbo 10 MHz+, optional network adapter, 4 player adapter, VGA output, Ram Expansion Unit upto 16 MByte, 1541 Disk Emulation, IEC bus connector, connectors for a PS/2, C64 and Amiga 500 keyboard, IR remote controller from CDTV (usable as gaming controller as well), SD-Card Slot, Stereo SID Emulation, Minimig AMIGA core, and and and... You have to see to believe ;)

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CommodoreServer.com 12/14/2011

That is so cool. What powers it?

Tommes 12/14/2011

A USB power supply.

S0RC3R0R 12/14/2011

How much is one? That sounds amazing. Retrograded 8-bit computer to a beast that would cost a LOT with extremely rare CMD hardware and mods that Al Anger could do but the average user could not. ;)


Tommes 12/14/2011

For this type of power it's quite ok.