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Commodore 64x

Feels like a C64 but with actual software.

Commodore 64xThis nice little machine has Win7, 64 bit installed and is also doing it's job in my renderfarm. See on the picture the 3D programm LightWave while working on the Prince of Persia cover for the RETURN magazine.

Installed is the famous Commodore 1681 BluRay Disc Drive ;P

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daytona400f 12/13/2011

what a great picture!

judland 12/14/2011

What was the final sticker price, if you don't mind sharing that with us? Was it worth it, do you think?

Tommes 12/14/2011

I built it my own. Means bought only the case from Commodore USA. Final price was somewhat around 1250,- EUR. The specs: Core i7 (2,4 GHz), 8 GB RAM, BluRay Writer, 256 GB SSD.

judland 12/15/2011

Nice job!