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euh ... beer?


simple loader for the comet drivers

comet c64 beer drunk copy/paste old code code wtf handy yeah wtf ? pffff

so i wrote a simple loader that lets you load the drivers from run instead of the anoying sys command
it amazes me goog hasnt implemented it  but i just had a quick try on vice and it seems to be working so .

it s easy and simple so yeah it might come in handy


2.4k version

100 PRINT CHR$(147):PRINT CHR$(5):rem clr screen
120 A%=1
130 D%=PEEK(186)
140 LOAD"v-1541.2400",D%,1
150 SYS 49152
160 new

38.4k version 

10 PRINT CHR$(147):PRINT CHR$(5):rem clr screen
110 A%=1
120 D%=PEEK(186)
130 LOAD"v-1541.38k",D%,1
140 SYS 49152
150 new

hope it works for you too
(you might have tonadjust the filename at line 130 but othet than taht it should work


euh EDIT line 140 for 2.4 and line 130 for 38.4  (!blame beer :p)
after ist done loading load wathever prg you want or command , it just enabales the drivers ;)

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S0RC3R0R 12/16/2011

Cool. Works good. I named it boot. LOL

judland 12/16/2011

Thanks! I've added this to my Comet64 utility disk, as well.

Fritske 12/17/2011

thx, glad its of any use to people ;)

DMackey 1/4/2012

Goog, Put this on the public disk as the first file. :)

Nice job, hanks for the effort.

S0RC3R0R 1/9/2012

I have written a bootstrap loader much like this, except it also logs you in automatically using your e-mail addy and password. Nice script. I will upload it when I get a chance.

Fritske 1/9/2012

S0RC3R0R : cool, i didnt add any login stuff cos i thought when you just wanna acces the publkic disks you need need it so i just left it as this ... and i was to drunk to figure it out anyway :p

S0RC3R0R 1/10/2012

Yeah. I thought about that. To make it easy on the folks who are not coders, I'm going to create a small data file for a username and password that users can edit to change. That is easy. It works quite well and I will upload it today, later this afternoon. Hope it saves ya'll time not having to login and do so by retyping load ,2 statements. ;)


S0RC3R0R 1/10/2012

Oh yea... And cfg file to select which ver of V-1541 to use... 2400 or 38.4 and load HI or LOW too. ;)

Fritske 1/10/2012

S0RC3R0R: thats pretty cool, thx

cryptocoryne 1/12/2012

If you peek(186) from a freshly started VICE-emulated C64, address 186 contains a zero.
So this program, as written, doesn't work on a freshly booted VICE C64 before there is any disk access. Does a real C64 behave the same way? I'm thinking it probably does, but I don't have one handy right now.

Once you've done something to the disk drive, like LOAD"$",8 then there is an 8 stored at 186.