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New feature of ACE128: BIOS


So, I'm working on new feature based on C128 System Information (new update in several days):


BIOS as is known on PC configures computer options.

First test version will be created for info about computer, drive, ethernet, RTC and other hardware.

Also will be created [BOOT] section where user can select file to boot and four devices in order where will be that file searching.

If is not file entered, BIOS only performs check hardware and prints READY. prompt.

BIOS will be displayed in both video modes (40/80 col) at the same time.

BIOS will be also released as single utility which can BOOT everything from every available device and also provides computer

hardware info.

Booting starts with prompt to press F1 to enter BIOS or ESC to cancel booting. If in 5sec is no action starts BOOTING in order in

BIOS settings.


I created also ace128 blog website which is not yet uploaded 'cause webhosting provider is ATM not accessible.

I'll inform when will be available.

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