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Wherein I enlighten you, dear reader, on the status of my many eclectic hopes and dreams for Commodore projects.


Here be dragons...

A development blog devoted to a multi-player game I am porting from the Apple to the Commodore.

And elves, and the One True Ring - your basic Tolkien-esque characters, and then some. For what I wish to unleash upon an unsuspecting world is going to be a huge multi-player text adventure, made possible by the nice folks at CommodoreServer.

This will be a development blog of a game I call TADA: "Totally Awesome Dungeon Adventure." Over the past few months, I've put more work into this -- originally slated to be a port of The Land of Spur (by Greg W. Davis, later modified by Skip "Trajan" Thomson) from an Apple BBS game to my Commodore (Image) BBS. However, the more I think about it, the "single player in a multi-player world" theme worked well at the time, but having the capability to be a true multi-player experience would make it a lot more fun.

Meeting the developers of this site and listening to their encouragement is a good thing. I tend to take breaks from projects when faced with roadblocks. These breaks stretch out to be a year or more. Loosening the reins and letting folks look at and alpha-test code is helpful. Feedback is useful.

I may give little tidbits of the game away to pique interest. Why not?

I'll finish with a quote from the intro to Myst, one of my favorite PC adventure games:

"...and so I close, realizing that perhaps the ending has not yet been written."

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Snout 3/7/2011

You go girl! Er.. guy! Awesomitude is in the making. ^.^