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I guess my greatest goal in retrocomputing is to show what the C64 could have been if things were done differently. I try to tackle some of the technical problems that tend to get in the way of people accomplishing more. Some of my ongoing projects are: * modBASIC (a basic extension adding some features of modular programming) * easyDisk (a driver that lets you use an Easy Flash cart as a disk drive) * API Framework (a way to load modular drivers anywhere in memory) * Annotated ROM Disassembly


Welcome to My Blog

In my first post of randomish thoughts, I introduce myself and my new Category, RND(0). Check it out, and stay tuned...

Hi.  I'm Agent Friday.  This is my blog.  I'm pretty new to blogging.  This is my first blog ever, actually, and as you can probably tell, I've not posted that many articles yet.  Writing has never been an easy thing for me, so while my head is crowded with ideas that would make for good posts, well, there's not so much to read yet.  That will be changing.

I decided to start this new category for posts like this one.  RND(0) will be where I write whatever happens to be on my mind--rants, raves, eurekas, duh moments, frustrations, progress notes, philosophical musings, and whatever.  The other categories will still follow my original plan of article-like content.

What can I say about about what I have been up to lately.  I'm in the middle of several Commodore projects right now.  I have always tended to start lots of little endeavors, but finishing them is not my strong point.  I'm hoping that blogging about my C= exploits will help me to improve that.  It's sort of my resolution for 2011.  I'm going to try to make one post per week for the remainder of the year.

In future articles I'll introduce the various categories I'll be using.  They are still not very clearly defined, so there will be some changes as I start trying to figure out where they go.  My category system probably doesn't make too much sense right now, but once there are at least a couple entries in each one, hopefully they will be useful.

That's all I have for now, so in the interest of posting more and procrastinating less, this is going public.  Hope you enjoy this blog as it continues to materialize.

Oh, and don't forget...  This blog is a two-way medium.  I invite your comments, questions, and ideas.

Your operative in the field,
// Agent Friday

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S0RC3R0R 5/3/2011

Like you, I did not touch a Commodore 64 for close to 20 years after my BBS "The Frayed Ends of Sanity running on IMAGE 1.2A BBS software went offline in the early 90s, and I sold my Xetec Lt. Kernal HD, CMD EX3 port expander, and CMD Turbo232 cartridge.

I saw the Comet64 Internet Modem for sale on ebay for $69.99 and I decided, why not... I envisioned it being like Jim Brain's TCPSER software for DOS and a RS232C interface like the VIC-1011A with a null-modem serial cable that connects it to the PC running tcpser -- all in one device.

I am AMAZED with the functionality and polish of this WEBSITE and the friendliness and helpfulness of the community at large on here... WIZARDNJ, AGENTFRIDAY, etc.



Today, I just got my 1541 drive in the mail that I bought last week on ebay for my Commodore 64. Using the VIC-1011A RS232C interface, I wrote my own dumb terminal emulation program in BASIC 2.0 that supported 300/1200 ba