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It all started with deciding to try an Amiga again. Now I'm getting back into the C=64 and Vic-20. Multitasking is great, but there's a charm in using a machine that focuses on one task and does it right. Let's see, I have an Amiga 2000, Commodore 64, and Vic-20. Now I have to figure out what to do with them. This Ethernet modem thingy seems to be a good place to start.


Coming Together

Here are the players...

I have an older style 64 I picked up for a couple of bucks at a second hand retailer a few years back which I have to check out to see if it works. A power supply is on it's way; a broken 1541 will be accompanying it on it's journey to my mailbox.

An entire Vic-20 system with working datasette should be in the same box as the other stuff, and I'm picking up an Amiga 2000 tomorrow, the same model I bought back in '88. This one has a flicker fixer and accelerator though. Fortunately it also has a hard drive and extra floppy like I used to have in mine.

Plans? I am going to get a working C-64 at some point and get it on the Internet. I'm also going to get the Amiga connected too, but probably just to a Windows PC using a serial connection and Amiga Explorer. Strange how it seems easier to get a 64 on the net than an Amiga. As for the Vic…I'll just play some games and write a few programs, though it'd be cool to see the Internet modem work with it too!

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Goog 3/19/2011

This is great! Glad you're making your way back to the C64 and Vic-20. There are a bunch of us who hang out in the chat rooms here on CommodoreServer - if you need any help with anything, just let us know!