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Writing games for old computers keeps the mind sharp; and sharing them here makes it more fun and worthwhile.


My VIC 20 collection

Games restored from the 1980s and new ones written in 2008-2010 using the ca65 assembler from the cc65 project.

Please consider playing these games on my colllections floppy.  I hope you find them entertaining to play as much as they were as fun for me to write:


  • DARK FORTRESS (converted Milton-Bradley electronic board game, Dark Tower, in BASIC)
  • SEEK & DESTROY (BASIC space shooter with a final stage)


  • SOLARIAN-V (simple shooter BASIC / ML mix - watch for the mother ship!)
  • SUSAN (tribute to my girlfriend at the time; I was only 18 and still naive)
  • PIZZA DELIVERYMAN! (loved playing Burger Time, so tried selling original title as Pizza Video Game to Domino's Pizza on cassette tape housed in miniature pizza box.  I changed the logo later when that effort failed)


  • QUIKVIC (My first 100% ML program for custom character editing)
  • QUIKMAN (my infamous ML video game for a stock VIC 20 computer)



  • OMEGA FURY (my sequel to Omega Race; requires 16kb expansion)
  • QUIKMAN + (an 8k expanded version with many more gameplay features)


  • BERZERK MMX (an 8k expanded clone of an arcade favorite; 16k version includes voice samples)

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